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For Pick Up Here & Delivery To Your Door, Call 1-800-548-0852. You will need to have your zip code ready and our zip code is 44654.

We have sent 5 containers loaded with Horse Drawn Carriages to Spain .  

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Lot # 84.  2 Seated Sleigh with shaft and pole. Maker: The Dosson Carriage Co., Toledo, OH.


Lot 84.jpg (207300 bytes)

Lot # 86.  Studebaker Stanhope Gig in original condition.


Lot 86.jpg (229099 bytes)

Lot # 91.  4 Wheel Racing Buggy in good, original condition with shaft.


Lot 91.jpg (245346 bytes)

Lot # 77. Ladies Phaeton with shaft in original condition. Maker: Hume Carriage Co. Amesburg, Mass.

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Lot # 76. Albany Cutter with shaft.


Lot 76.jpg (175562 bytes)

Lot # 900. A pair of Brewster Lamps. 24"  tall. With brackets. Marked Brewster & Co. Broome St. New York. Brackets marked Serial # 21178.


Lot 900.jpg (172882 bytes)Lot 900 A.jpg (72223 bytes)

Lot # 116. Green and Yellow Cut Under Buggy with shaft, vinyl upholstery and H D brakes and bearing axles.


Lot 79.jpg (205603 bytes)

Lot # 117. Maroon and Black Cut Under Buggy with shaft, cloth upholstery and H D brakes on bearing axles.

             $3,300.00               SOLD

Lot 98.jpg (181234 bytes)

Lot # 127. Albany Cutter, no shaft.

               $850.00                  SOLD

Lot # 82.  Sleigh with springs, no shaft. Tag on the back says sold by W.M. Bright, Providence, PA.


Lot 82.jpg (221443 bytes)

Lot #160.  2 Seated sleigh with shaft. Made by H. H. Babcock Company, Watertown, NY & Baltimore MD.


Lot # 121. Tan & Black Surrey. Wheels & shaft are varnished, Naugahyde upholstery, HD Brakes, rubber tires, bearing axles, cut under, short turn 5th wheel, 2 springs in back and  shaft.


Surrey 1.jpg (203894 bytes)

Lot #88.  New Auto Top Surrey in Maroon & Black.  Cut under, 2 springs in back, H. D. Brakes, bearing axles, Naugahyde upholstery, shaft.  Maroon & Black striped gold. You can order any color.


New_Auto_Surrey.jpg (166949 bytes)

Lot #104.  New Auto Top Surrey.  Cut under, rubber tires, bearing axles, 2 springs in back, shaft &  H. D, Brakes.  All white, red upholstery, striped in red. You can order any color.


White_Auto_Top.jpg (24819 bytes)

Lot #877.  New Auto Top Surrey, Tan & Teal, wheels & shaft are varnished, Naugahyde upholstery, HD Brakes, rubber tires, bearing axles, cut under, short turn 5th wheel, 2 springs in back and  shaft.

  $3,850.00   SOLD

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Lot # 162. Old Fringe Top Surrey with shaft, on rubber tires.


Lot # 125. Old Omnibus with shaft.


Lot #93..  Pheaton with pole and brakes in original condition. Maker: Stevers & Erdman, Detroit.


Lot 93 B.jpg (228787 bytes)Lot 93A.jpg (214463 bytes)

Lot # 114. Portland Cutter. No shaft. Sleigh body needs some work.


Lot # DR - 3. Brewster Brougham. Serial No. 25203. Has Brewster Lamps, pole, tail light, wrench, foot, bell, front windows slide sideways, doors have double track for window & shutters which are all there. All in original condition. 


b4a.jpg (232902 bytes)b33a.jpg (258779 bytes)

Lot # 65. New Horse Size Gig, unfinished with 48 in. wheels


gig 1.jpg (206910 bytes)

Lot # 838-B.  Market Sleigh with good solid box & runners. Box is 9' long & 37" wide, 33" to top of box, nice dash with Eagle's  head, no shaft but  has old pole for 2 horses. Could put a draft shaft in it, could put 2 more seats on. Seat needs a little work. 


lot 838-B.jpg (151634 bytes)

New, one of a kind,  1/3 scale Roof Seated Brake with new showcase.  Has lamps & horses. Maker:  Daniel of A & D Buggy Shop.


DR 10.jpg (213035 bytes)

Lot # 135. Albany Cutter with bad shaft and dash.


Lot #136. Portland Cutter with shaft. Name tag on back reads: Sullivan Bros., Rochester, NY.




Lot # 168. Stanhope Phaeton with pole in original condition.


Lot #167.  Albany Cutter in original condition with shaft.

Lot #166. Sleigh with no shaft.

Lot #165. Road Cart on rubber tires. Used a little.

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This is what our paint job looks like when we restore a carriage or sleigh. This was me taking a picture  of the rear end of a carriage we just finished, which was a wooden back panel of a jump seat buggy painted black.   

c me in paint job a.jpg (211288 bytes)

Lot #72.   Albany Cutter with shaft. Dash is broken off. Is in original condition.


Cutter 2.jpg (167057 bytes)

Lot #161. Rockaway with shaft and lamps.

$4,000.00 OBO

Lot # 75.  Wagon with shaft and brakes.


Lot #110.  Restored Market Wagon with shaft pole and yoke.


Lot 110.jpg (94634 bytes)

Lot #121.  Restored Buckboard with brakes and shaft.

$3,600.00 O.B.O.


Lot # 113.  Albany Cutter  with shaft.

           $770.00           SOLD

Lot # 835-B.  Good usable, solid, original Slay with  no shaft,  nice snow ball screen and has original upholstery. Maker:  D. Sinclair. 


Lot 835B.jpg (159943 bytes)

Lot # 137.  Restored Albany Cutter with shaft.


Lot # 126.  Skeleton Gig.  Maker: Van Tassell & Kearney, New York.

Lot # 162. New Miniature Pony Sleigh with shaft. Was finished by A & D Buggy Shop.




Lot # New Hearse. The back door is 37 1/2", takes up to a 85" Casket. Has a pole for 2 horses, HD Brakes, rubber tires and bearing axles. It is round at top with beveled glass all the way around. Can be ordered 6" longer. Color can be black or white. We can have one with in 6 mths. after order is placed. If interested, call or write for more pictures.

Lot # 163. Drop Front Phaeton with shaft.                     


Call for pricing




$3,500.00 OBO

New Hearse.jpg (289952 bytes)

New Hearse 2.jpg (241605 bytes)

Lot # 63. Brewster Roof, Seated, Break.


B1.jpg (202501 bytes)B6.jpg (209943 bytes)

B9.jpg (177405 bytes)B10.jpg (206672 bytes)

Lot # 64. Albany Cutter with Shaft.


777A.jpg (211798 bytes)

Lot # 120.  Old Doctor's Buggy with no shaft in original condition.







(Daytime Answer Service.  Best time to call is from 6-11 p.m.)

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